Personalised Sterling Silver Photo Filmstrip Keyring

6cm x 1.8cm | Sterling silver, steel keyring
This handmade sterling silver keyring is made to look like old negative style photo film strip and can be personalised with your photos.

Treasure those special moments by capturing your family snaps on silver to create a vintage style keepsake. Would make a great gift for a keen photographer.

All you have to do is email the photographs you want to use after you have placed your order, Nicola will then turn your images into black and white negatives and apply it to the silver, a solution will then be used to develop the image creating a subtle relief in the silver surface, it will then be oxidised (blackened) to pick out the highlights.

Photo Guide:

Please attach jpg image(s) taken by a digital camera or smart phone such as an iphone or android equivalent. (Normal mobile phones may not have a camera that takes print quality photos). No scans from original photograph please, these do not work very well.

Please send the original, unedited, uncropped photo, photos may be cropped to fit the shape.

Files of at least 500KB to 2MB file size is recommended for best results.

Please see the photo guide for guidance on good and bad images.



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